Contract Law

In addition to our comprehensive and informative consultation, we will draft the desired contract and handle the relevant matter with the administrative registry office for:

  •   the purchase, sale, or transfer of your real estate
     (with focus on safeguarding the rights of transferring party)
  •  the purchase, sale, or transfer of your agriculture farm and business
  •  the rent or lease of apartments and shops
  •  the establishment of companies

We can perform the necessary formalities for you with government agricultural & land authorities and your local tax bureau. The calculation of the real estate transfer tax and the real estate income tax is carried out by our law firm.

Our team is happy to coordinate suitable appointments for the signing of necessary contracts and documents.

Inquiry on the assessed value of a real estate can also be carried out by us via the electronic government server FinanzOnline. This method allows us to offer you a quick and cost-saving one-stop-shop for your real estate transactions or company foundations.

As a member of the Trustee Union of the Upper Austrian Bar Association (Treuhandverband der oö. Rechtsanwaltskammer), we are subject to the union’s strict rules when executing contracts and holding trusts for the parties of the contract.