Inheritance Law & Planning Your Financial Health

There are many legal measures you can take to shape your wealth and financial future. After a detailed consultation, we will draft the desired contract for your donation, your last will, or your power of attorney to ensure your financial future.

The topic of inheritance raises many questions. Not only because inheritance law is a very complex legal matter on its own (due to various wills, numerous formalities, etc.), but because there are a wide variety of family constellations that require precise processing.

We will be happy to advise you on the following topics:

  • the draft of your last will
  • testamentary donation
  • waivers of legal shares
  • representation in probate proceedings
  • Enforcement of rights to legal shares


Your last will is stored by us at a secure location and will be registered in the Austrian Central Registry of Last Wills. This ensures that in the event of death the court will acknowledge the last will and that it is executed.

Note that neither the physical document nor its contents are submitted to the registry. The Central Registry of Last Will only stores the information about the testator of the will and where the certificate is kept.