Matrimonial and Family law

The regulation of matters within the family, i.e. between parents and children, between spouses, or any domestic situation. Highly personal issues such as divorce, custody, or child support require sensitive consultation.  

From our law firm’s point of view, divorce by mutual consent is advised as it is the quickest and cheapest way to divorce, but also because it can avoid emotionally charged court hearings.

For a divorce by mutual consent, according to section 55a of the Austrian Matrimonial Law, the following points must be agreed upon by the spouses:

  • Financial Support
  • Rights and obligations concerning children (support, visits, etc.)
  • Distribution of mutual assets and liabilities

The question of fault doesn’t need to be clarified in a case of divorce by mutual agreement. If mutual consent cannot be reached, a contested divorce must be considered.

We will gladly take on your representation with the aim of finding a quick and reasonable solution.

An increasingly popular form of partnership is extra-marital cohabitation. Since the current legal regulation only gives a few basic guidelines, it is advisable to settle all legal matters regarding the extra-marital cohabitation in a timely manner. Let us advise you.